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Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute

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Chennai Fertility Center (CFC), Arumbakkam, Chennai, is a state-of-the-art fertility practicing unit that provides childless couples with the hope and means to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood. It harbors a highly reputed team of endocrinologists, physicians, embryologists, and geneticists, assisted by modern techniques and equipment in delivering excellent fertility services. This institute offers the entire spectrum of fertility care from basic evaluation and testing to the most advanced in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and counseling.

It was established by Dr. V M Thomas, who is an embryology scientist and ICSI Maestro, Director of embryogenesis, the international school of embryology, and institute director at the Chennai Fertility Centre.

A few of his many distinguished achievements are as follows:

  1. Consultant Embryologist at Srushti Fertility Centre, Chennai, is producing 150 ICSI babies.
  2. Established and improvised the Embryology Laboratory of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Madras Medical Mission, IRM, MMM, Chennai, and assisted scientifically to achieve a take-home pregnancy rate of 60%, resulting in delivery of 3500 ICSI babies in a span of 6 years.
  3. Dr. Thomas created a world record in ICSI. He marked his presence to deliver Seven twins 14 ICSI baby to give on the same day at Adam and eve fertility center on 26th Jan 2012 at Noida, UP.

Team and Specialities

  1. The institute holds a world record of successfully delivering 23000+ IVF/ICSI pregnancies worldwide.
  2. It has the highest success rate of ART under expert embryologist care.
  3. It has assisted about 20 IVF centers across the world to deliver 10000+ babies worldwide.
  4. The institute ensures centralized laboratory facilities that utilize the most advanced IVF techniques and equipment.
  5. It offers step-by-step counseling for all-round successful deliveries.
  6. The panel of experts at this institute has treated the most significant number of complicated cases successfully.
  7. It also offers a contemporary embryogenesis training program.


  1. Infertility
  2. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  3. Diabetology
  4. Reproductive Medicine
  5. Fetal Medicine
  6. Embryology
  7. Andrology
  8. ICU
  9. NICU
  10. Radio Diagnosis


  1. Ovulation Induction and Controlled Ovarian Stimulation
  2. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI)
  3. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  4. Embryo Transfer (IVF and ET)
  5. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  6. Sperm Bank
  7. Semen Analysis and Sperm Analysis
  8. Embryo Cryopreservation/ Vitrification
  9. Donor Oocyte and Embryo Programme
  10. Sperm DNA fragmentation
  11. Testing
  12. Laparoscopy
  13. Sperm Retrieval Techniques
  14. Hysteroscopy
  15. Blastocyst culture
  16. Assisted hatching
  17. Surrogacy
  18. IVM (Invitromaturation)
  19. Egg Sharing
  20. IMSI
  21. Frozen Embryo Transfer
  22. Oocyte Freezing (Cancer patients)




  1. The hospital offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure that houses advanced 24*7 Operation Theatres, which contain High definition laparoscope and hysteroscope, Boyle’s Apparatus, Vital Monitors, Pulse Oxi-meters, ECG Monitors, etc.
  2. It offers radiology labs and radio diagnosis, which include ultrasonography, targeted ultrasound, fetal echocardiography, general ultrasound, and doppler study.
  3. It has an advanced diagnostic lab with equipment that offers services for Clinical pathology, Endocrinology, Serology, Hematology – Coagulation, Immuno-Hematology, Immuno and Microbiology, Histopathology, etc.
  4. It has a dedicated emergency department with fully equipped ambulances that operate round-the-clock.
  5. It also offers other amenities such as a 24*7 pharmacy, blood bank, patient accommodation, consultation rooms, etc.


Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute
Embryogenesis – The International School of Embryology
79/129, Nelson Manickam Road
Aminjikarai, Chennai – 600 029
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Comfort During Stay

    TV in room
    Private rooms
    Free Wifi
    Phone in Room
    Mobility accessible rooms
    Family accommodation
    Safe in the room
    Nursery / Nanny services
    Dry cleaning
    Personal assistance / Concierge
    Religious facilities
    Business centre services
    Dedicated smoking areas
    Special offer for group stays
    Parking available

Money Matters

    Health insurance coordination
    Medical travel insurance
    Foreign currency exchange
    Credit Card
    Debit Card


    Diet on Request
    International Cuisine

Treatment Related

    Medical records transfer
    Online doctor consultation
    Document legalisation
    Post operative followup


    Translation services


    Airport pickup
    Local tourism options
    Local transportation booking
    Visa / Travel office
    Car Hire
    Private driver / Limousine services