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Paterson Cancer Center

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Paterson Cancer center is one of the foremost and pioneering cancer hospitals in Chennai. It is situated in Vadapalani, Chennai. It was inaugurated on 19 June 2003, by Dr. A.P.J. AbdulKalam, when he was the acclaimed chairman and one of the Board of Directors of this center.
Since its establishment, Paterson Cancer center has boasted a premium quality infrastructure that offers all the three main treatment strategies of oncology, i.e., surgical, medical, and Radiation oncology under one roof. This center works not only to provide a high standard and precise treatment of cancer but also world-class facilities capable of early diagnosis and detection of disease. It also pays equal emphasis on cancer education and research.
Cancer prevention comprises an integral part of the hospital's mission, along with the counseling of patients by its various and highly qualified Dieticians and Psychologists. It includes educating the patients about a balanced diet and positive thinking and its role in the treatment of cancer, among other things. Taking the motto of the hospital to heart, the hospital and its staff also run Free Cancer Screening and Dietician camp for the general public, especially school children. Already more than 2000 people are screened through Free Medical camps of this center.
Dr. Subbiah Shanmugam is the senior-most surgical oncologist in Paterson Cancer center whose services based on his long 28 years of experience. This center aims to make the society cancer-free by the year 2030 following the vision of our late beloved President, Dr. Kalam.

Team and Specialities

  1. Radiation oncology
  2. Medical Oncology
  3. Surgical oncology
  4. Immune Oncology
  5. Clinical Psychology
  6. Cancer Screening
  7. CT scan
  8. Brachytherapy
  9. External Beam Radiation for Prostate Cancer




  1. Paterson Cancer Center is an oncology center, located at Vadapalani, Chennai.
  2. The hospital has more than 20 beds and a mini Operation theatre to facilitate routine biopsies along with general anesthesia.
  3. The hospital is well equipped with modern technologies such as a state-of-the-art telecobalt therapy called Elite 100, a physics department for dosimetry, quality assurance, and treatment planning system, radiation therapy along with a low dose or high dose brachytherapy according to the requirements.
  4. Eighteen doctors belonging to different departments work together to provide the best oncology services that the center can offer.
  5. Vijaya health center premises assist this center in outsourcing diagnostic, laboratory, and pharmacy services.
  6. This hospital is primarily dedicated to cancer patients belonging to low economic backgrounds.Since its establishment, it has been successful in meeting the requirements of more than 5000 cancer patients.


Vijaya Health Center Premises,





Comfort During Stay

    TV in room
    Private rooms
    Free Wifi
    Phone in Room
    Mobility accessible rooms
    Family accommodation
    Safe in the room
    Nursery / Nanny services
    Dry cleaning
    Personal assistance / Concierge
    Religious facilities
    Business centre services
    Dedicated smoking areas
    Special offer for group stays
    Parking available

Money Matters

    Health insurance coordination
    Medical travel insurance
    Foreign currency exchange
    Credit Card
    Debit Card


    Diet on Request
    International Cuisine

Treatment Related

    Medical records transfer
    Online doctor consultation
    Document legalisation
    Post operative followup


    Translation services


    Airport pickup
    Local tourism options
    Local transportation booking
    Visa / Travel office
    Car Hire
    Private driver / Limousine services